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1 x Blue Wizard Sex Drops 15ml Aphrodisiac Women’s Libido Enhancement
Condition: 100% Brand New, Sealed, Never Used, Never Opened.

Package includes: 15ml / bottle

Problems with sexual arousal in women and a dry vagina? You have landed in the right place! Increase your libido instantly with our sex drops. Lit by our girlfriend or your wife! The desire for love that results from erotic stimulation elicits both emotional and physical reactions.

When it comes to sexual desire, it is after the exchange of kisses, the love of the whole body, and especially towards the genitals or sports. Sexual arousal is often the result of a proven attraction to your partner. A smell or sexual form can drive you crazy and cause you to have a lot of sexual desire. This incredible aphrodisiac is designed to increase your sex drive and maximize it.

Main ingredients:

Spain imported raw materials (OPS), water lilies, roses, and other liquors.

Usage and Dosage:
Leave 5-10 minutes before drinking half a bottle of this product drink, wine, tea in the can.
Put a stimulating blue wizard in the water. Buy Blue Wizard Drops In Dubai
Do not use coconut milk or water.
Very effective with carbonated drinks (sprite, coca-cola, etc.)
Blue magic can drunk on its own without any mixture.
In 15-20 minutes after drinking, the result will be displayed.
Do not reuse within 24 hours of use.
This product for legally married couples only.
It is not recommended that pregnant women eat the dead heart.

Characteristics that can be seen after a woman drinks water mixed with blue magic:

  • No attention paid to making a monkey.
  • Sit back and relax
  • Increased sexual desire.


  • The FDA has banned greed for young girls.
  • Do not reuse within 24 hours of use.
  • This product is for the exclusive use of legally married couples.
  • For pregnant women, the use of heart disease not recommended.

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