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Come See What All The Hype Is About. Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream Has Been On The Market Since August 1991 With A Solid Track Record, A Loyal Word Of Mouth Following, And Twice The Healing Power For Half The Price Of Conventional Skin Creams.

From Japan To Australia To Europe And The Us, Top Dermatologists. Doctors, Makeup Artists, And Celebrities Agree That Egyptian Magic Is A Must-Have Beauty And Skin Care Product. Come See For Yourself All That Buy Egyptian Magic Original Cream In UAE Dubai All-Purpose Skin Cream Can Do For You.

About this item

A lotion: Using double a day assists with making delicate, smooth skin.
A hair conditioner: Use consistently or as a molding hot pack to reestablish shine, renew regular oils, tame frizz, and condition split closures.
A lip emollient: The normal fixings will do ponders for your lips and give them new life.
A face ointment: Great for alleviating touchy skin particularly subsequent to shaving.
An after-sun cream: The salve calms the skin with normal fixings. so

A vaginal lotion and oil: Egyptian Magic functions admirably as a characteristic vaginal lotion and grease.
A hand and fingernail skin cream: Use to saturate and mellow harsh fingernail skin before bed for supported, delicate, and restored hands in the first part of the day.
A cosmetics remover: Apply to the face and eyes and utilize a cotton cushion to separate the oils in cosmetics.
An eye cream: Dab a little amount around your eyes to saturate and invigorate.
A back rub salve: The dissolving surface is great for back rubs to relax and sustain the skin.


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