HydroMax Xtreme Bathmate X30



Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme is the most effective and complete penis enlargement system in the world. The X30 Xtreme’s patented hand pump system gives you complete control over the amount of pressure it maintains within the pump chamber, achieving maximum comfort and efficiency. The perfect water pump for a man seeking maximum benefits in male development. Buy HydroMax Xtreme Bathmate X30 In Abu Dhabi.

  • The X30 Xtreme kit includes:
  • Extreme Hydraulic Pump x30
  • Patented handball system with hose (removable)
  • Insert long comfort pad
  • Bathmate Measure Meter
  • Bath Mate Shower Holder Strap Custom Cleaning Brush Hydro Max Lube
  • Hard Storage Case for Bath Mate Towels
  • Privacy lock

The X30 Xtreme is the ideal pump for men 5.5 years and younger. 7.5 ″ long and 1.5 ″ wide allow.

maximum gain.
Xtreme X30 Pump Specifications:
8.0 ″ maximum inside length
Maximum interior width of 1.90 ″
5.96 ″ maximum inner frame

Resistance to 0.65 bar / 9.43 psi Materials: Medical grade material safe specifically for select leathers. Buy HydroMax Xtreme Bathmate X30 In Dubai UAE


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