Madura Vagina Tightening Stick




Madura Vagina Tightening Stick

Regenerate cells, tighten the vagina, control sexual anesthesia, improve vaginal elasticity and increase sexual sensation, make you feel like a girl in 30 seconds;
Hormonal stimulation of women and delay of aging;
Clean the vaginal environment, remove toxic material from the vagina. Madura Vagina Tightening Stick
Organize the incision, dissolve the colored spots from the face.
Ingredients: Talcum Powder, Pearl Layer Powder, Biphene Powder, Borneol, and Madura Mountain Plants
Use it half an hour before sexual intercourse.
After cleaning the vagina, rinse the stick, then slowly insert it into the vagina, twist it for about 30 seconds, due to a different personal situation, the longest time is not more than 1 minute! Making love hard when it’s too tight.

After use, rinse the item again for the next use. It cannot be washed for a long time, otherwise, it will reduce the wearing time.
Store in a cool, shady place.

  •  For personal care: 3 or 4 days in a row.
  • If the following phenomena occur, advice tips:
  • Why do some women feel dry (not all)?

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Reason: When using a tension rod, the surface of the pressed powder sticks to the vagina and encourages it to tighten. If it feels too tight, you have difficulty inserting the penis, it may help You can use the Vagina Moisturizing Cream to
Why are there small white cotton-like discharges?

  • When the rod adheres to the vaginal wall, it absorbs the mucus, after which it is excreted with urine and
  • moisture, disappears in a day or two, and is warm enough to wash the vagina. Use water and keep
  • underwear dry and clean. Madura Vagina Tightening Stick

Like the itch of trichomoniasis, this product has antiseptic action, if so, use clean warm water to wash your genitals and keep underwear dry and clean.

It cannot be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, or during menstruation


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