Night Beauty Vagina Tighten Stick In UAE




Night Beauty Vagina Titan Stick in UAE

Heal the vagina, control sexual misconduct, increase vaginal flexibility and improve sexual sensation, make you feel like a young woman in 30 seconds. Night Beauty Vagina Tighten
Stimulate female hormones and delay maturation.
Clean the condition of the vagina, remove the poison from the vagina;
Manage infiltration, disperse pigmentation shedding spots on the face.

Talcum Powder, Honey Skill, Pearl Powder, Borneol, Bifan Powder, Madura Mountain Roots

  • Use it half an hour before sexual intercourse.
  • In the context of vaginal cleaning, wash the swab, then gradually insert it into the vagina, twist it for about
  • 30 seconds, due to different individual conditions, the longest time is about 1 minute!
  • After use, wash the item again for the next use. It cannot wash for a long time, otherwise, its
  • wearing time will be shortened. Night Beauty Vagina Tighten

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