Power Up Penis Pump



Very easy to use and so much fun that you have to stop using it all the time! It has a soft jelly flower and a long, clear chamber so you can easily see how much it grows. The pump handle can only be used with one hand. Power Up Penis Pump

Just take the rotation of your hand and pull it with your fingers to begin the bidding process.
It has a flexible, non-crimp hose with a bag button release valve that allows you to safely disperse air when it reaches full pumping volume. The vacuum cylinder is made of plastic to ensure clear safety.
Please note that the pump should not be used for safe use if the penis is swollen, inflamed, or broken in any way. Buy Power Up Penis Pump Online

Each pump session should not last more than 15 minutes and there should be at least 24 hours between each session. It should not be used more than 3-5 sessions a week.

This is a private list so your anonymity is guaranteed and the item is shipped in a transparent package.

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