Spanische Fliege Sex Drops




Spanish Fliege sex drops for women increase sexual orientation and increase pleasure during intercourse. It contains powerful aphrodisiac ingredients that stimulate sexual desire and dilate the blood vessels around the genitals. Relax the smooth muscles around the vagina and increase vaginal secretions to prolong the duration of sexual activity. Say goodbye to vaginal dryness, sexual cold, or sexual reaction with Spanish Fliegel. Spanische Fliege Sex Drops

Mix a few drops with your favorite beverage (except alcoholic beverages) 30 minutes before sexual activity. This product is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or patients with serious medical problems. Always follow your doctor’s advice before using this product. Spanische Fliege Sex Drops

Increased sensation in the genital area during sexual intercourse.
Increases blood flow to the vagina.

  • Supports vaginal
  • Make your vagina warm and wet
  • Extends the duration of sexual
  • Maintain normal hormone levels
  • Restores the elasticity of the vaginal
  • 100% safe sexual stimulation for women.
  • No side effects.


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